Wednesday, 25 May 2011

The day to remember

On the 24th May the team went to Zimasa community school to do an assembly, but man that was one blessed assembly. We could feel it as a team that God was there in our midds. The theme for the day was God your heard. As the the programme went on the team could sense that the children needed prayer and as we begin to pray tears started to run from some of the children chicks and at that moment the holy spirit just started to take over and for me it was so amazing to feel how the holy spirit can move within us. We know that God will and can make a change in that children's life and we will keep on praying for them. This just show me how great and powerful our God is. There is nothing that our God can't create for Him to control.         

Monday, 16 May 2011


The very 1st moment i gave my life to Christ my whole mind set started to change about how to look into life. The way i think about life now that I'm a born again Christian. Is how do i, Warren think of life? Well i don't think life is just about living and try too survive it, no it's actually about knowing who you are and what your purpose is in life it's about living for Christ and get to know him better every day. I started to think how people just want to survive and living for them self and for the family, but they don' or think about the bigger picture, like for me Christ renew my mind of how to think about people i didn't care or think about people it was just about getting through life and see through for my own family. But then a life changing thing happen with me when i gave my life too Christ, i started to like working with children cause they think in different kind of ways i know and not think that God put me in a position like this just to change or make them understand about life.